Modern Slavery Statement

At Plutus Consulting Group Limited, we are committed to respecting human rights and eliminating modern slavery in all its forms. We recognize that modern slavery is a global issue and have implemented measures to ensure that our business and supply chains are free from any form of forced labour, human trafficking, or exploitation.

We strictly adhere to relevant laws and regulations pertaining to modern slavery in the countries where we operate.

We expect the same commitment from our suppliers, contractors, and business partners, and we collaborate closely with them to ensure ethical practices are followed throughout our supply chain.

Our efforts to combat modern slavery include:

  1. Conducting regular risk assessments and due diligence to identify and address any potential risks of modern slavery in our operations and supply chains.
  2. Implementing robust recruitment and employment policies to ensure that all workers are treated fairly, with dignity, and are provided with safe and healthy working conditions.
  3. Providing training and awareness programs to our employees and suppliers to promote a better understanding of modern slavery and its signs, as well as the importance of reporting any concerns.
  4. Encouraging the reporting of any suspicions or concerns related to modern slavery through our confidential reporting mechanisms.

We are dedicated to continuously improving our practices and collaborating with stakeholders to address modern slavery effectively.

By working together, we can contribute to a world free from modern slavery and uphold the rights and dignity of all individuals.

For any inquiries or to report any concerns regarding modern slavery, please contact us at and we will get back to you.

Thank you.

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